Real Estate Agents, Investors, and Brokers Who Do This Never Have To Worry About Lead Generation Ever Again

Pay us one time, with no monthly fee

100% of your money goes to ad spend

Never pay another agency again

We also work and follow up with the leads for you

We will run your ads for free - no monthly fee

Only pay us for people who show up to the meeting!

We Only Allow One Client Per Zip Code

our 3 steps to get you more sales - Set, Show, Sold.

SET appointments with your ideal customer so they

SHOW up knowing you're the best person to work with & are

SOLD on being your next client, before you even meet them - And we Don't get paid until they do!

Claim Your Zip Code Exclusivity - Or Your Competitor Might Be The One Getting 800+ Leads

The only place to get The 30 Appointment Guarantee™

Step 1: Understanding The Old Way Vs Our New Way

The Old Way

You Pay $1,500 For 10-50 cold leads

The New Way

you pay one time to set up a high-converting funnel

The Old Way

You pay this on a monthl basis whether it works or not

The New Way

you don't pay us a dime until an appointment shows up and and introduction is made

The only place to get The 30 Appointment Guarantee™

The Old Way

you Aren't even able to get the lead to pick up the phone

The New Way

our Team follows up with them for you and ensures they show up

The only place to get The 30 Appointment Guarantee™

The Old Way

You Spend 40-80 hours Per Month on...

  • Finding prospects
  • Cold calling and manually following up
  • Qualifying leads yourself
  • Trying to learn new lead generation techniques
  • Finding new listings
  • Finding more buyers
  • Creating direct mail
  • Figuring out social media
  • Deciding what to post

The New Way

We do everything for you... EVERYTHING

So you never have to hire another agency again

The only place to get The 30 Appointment Guarantee™

The only place to get The 30 Appointment Guarantee™

Step 2: See The Proof

Each and every single one of the 30 guaranteed appointments are extremely well documented. That means there is absolutely not doubt about getting qualified leads or not.

  • Each lead has contact information
  • Each lead is rated by our inside sales agents
  • Each lead has detailed notes regarding the status and opportunity of that lead
  • Each lead has everything that has been discussed with our inside sales agents up until that point
  • We call each lead up to 6 months to ensure that we're using every thing in our power to get you the best ROI.

No One Else Provide's More Detailed Lead Transfers

Imagine If Your Inbox Looked Like Our Other Clients - Hundreds of hot leads, fully qualified by OUR team of college-educated, US-based, real estate professional inside sales agents!

The only place to get The 30 Appointment Guarantee™

Step 3: Sign up

With The 30 Appointment Guarantee™

  • You pay a single, one-time, non-recurring fee to get started

  • We only get paid when your ideal customer shows up to their appointment

  • You never need to hire another agency

  • We run whatever ad budget you can afford, for free

  • We work every lead for you so you don't have to

  • we only make money when you do - so we're in this together.

Is It For Every Agent?

  • No. We Partner with specific agents who are at the right level.

  • We look at your sales and performance history to determine if you're the right partner for us to send leads to

  • We have limited availability which means we can't help everyone and are looking for ideal agent partners.

  • We're looking for people doing 20-50 transactions per year.

So, What Exactly Is It?

an a-z marketing funnel for your business to grow, completely risk-free.

Guaranteed Appointments Or Your Money Back.

That's The 30 Appointment Guarantee™

The 30 Appointment Guarantee™

  • The simplest way to know you'll have a full pipeline.

  • A fool-proof way to get an roi - because we are paid on performance and not a monthly retainer

  • We become your new marketing partner

We guarantee 30 Monthly appointments

By Signing Up, You Will learn alot about us

That we guarantee appointments for the people who work with us - and are only billed for those who show up

We aren't pushy sales people because our product speaks for itself

We run your ads completely free of charge simply because we know we can perform

The exact sales funnel we've used successfully to create thousands of leads every month and sell millions for our clients

How you can save 40-80 hours per month, while filling your pipeline with more qualified leads than ever before

The exact funnel we use to build out our campaigns for clients - it's yours!

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